Enigma Beauty Salon is an independently owned and operated salon that is serving the community of Brooklyn. We understands the mind-body-spirit connection in hair care.
We can create the look that you want or rebuild hair that has been damaged by stress and environmental factors.Marina and Polina opened Enigma Beauty Salon after embarking on their own amazing journey of transformation and healing. In 2009, they were overworked and overstressed; caught up in the high paced world of finance. Seeing the toll it took on their lives, and the impact that overworking the body and spirit had on their physical health and interpersonal relationships, they decided to exit the rat race and develop a skill that would help people feel better in 2010. They fell in love with hair care right away, noticing how happy they made people with a new style. They began to learn advanced hair and nails techniques, eventually developing their own unique styles. They decided to leave their stress behind, and start a career that brought happiness to others.

Their understanding of how spiritually uplifting it is to feel good about one's appearance has made Enigma Beauty Salon most unique salon in America. They have learned that helping others has further uplifted their spirits.Relax and enjoy complimentary bottled water, coffee or tea. We offer free wireless Internet access and a great selection of current magazines and books.

                           Open Monday through Sunday from 9AM until last client
                                   Call for an appointment today

                                                           (347) 587-5970

                                                         395 Kings Highway
                                                         Brooklyn, NY 11223

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